Brother Firetribe – Diamond In The Firepit Review

Brother Firetribe Diamond In The FirepitIt has to be said that Brother Firetribe are the kings of utterly cheesy and over-the-top metal – but this is meant in the best possible way because they’re a hugely fun band and their latest album Diamond In The Firepit is excellent, signalling a return to form for the band after spending so long out of action.

Quite simply, Diamond In The Firepit picks up where its predecessor Heart Full OF Fire left off and somehow manages to improve on it, with Brother Firetribe churning out belter after belter. Although the introduction feels somewhat pointless, and would work much better merged into the track that follows, it’s a wholly strong album with highlights such as Better Or For Worse and Tired Of Dreaming, but a true standout track is Edge Of Forever, which sits rather nicely in the middle of the album.

The introduction is indeed unique, before shifting into their standard glam metal sound and the chorus in particular is massively memorable (I dare you not to sing along to it) and the whole track is so passionately delivered that it’s impossible for it not to make an impression on you – the song just sticks in your mind long after the closing chords ring out again.

Brother Firetribe have done it again with Diamond In The Firepit. It’s a wonderfully crafted album that’s memorable for all the right reasons, and you can’t ask for more than that.


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