Brother Firetribe – Sunbound Review

BrotherFiretribe-SunboundBrother Firetribe are back with album number four and it’s another firecracker of an album from the Finnish AOR five-piece – can this band do no wrong?

Don’t get me wrong, this album is cheesy as the cheese counter at a delicatessen, but Brother Firetribe do it so well, so I can’t really complain and Sunbound is so damn enjoyable and contagious from start to finish! Each song is a belter in its own right and the progression from one track to the next is great; the flow is good and there’s a great amount of energy from start to finish.

Indeed, it’s difficult to choose which tracks are the highlights, as they’re all so good, but the first full-length track Help Is On The Way is particularly impactful (so it serves well as an opening track!) due to the empowering and emotive chorus, and the synths are excellent. Additionally, later track Restless Heart is a massive stadium-filler of a track that seems like it will go down a storm in a live environment.

Although it would be nice to get a bit more variety from Brother Firetribe, as there’s nothing that really sets Sunbound apart from their other three albums, this is nevertheless another awesome and hard-hitting enjoyable piece that you’ll keep wanting to revisit.


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