Bronze-Age Boats – Counting Tides Review

10342836_544423849019713_8722114140606593928_nBronze-Age Boats are a 4 piece indie/alt rock band from South Wales, and this 4 and a bit track EP is released digitally on the 28th October.

EP opener Lets Excavate! really sets the tone for the EP, it’s catchy, jangly, up-beat indie rock, but not without it’s darker edges.

See The Sea is a bit of an indie masterpiece, which twists and turns from upbeat head bobber to something a little melancholy and then onto a big chorus, good stuff.

The songs really stand out, Abacus in particular is multi-layered and quite a compelling listen. It’s pretty dark and menacing sounding on times and is a standout track that ends with a killer guitar solo.

No Lights is my favourite song on here, a slow burner with a brilliant chorus.

The band are very different to anything that’s coming out of the South Wales scene at the moment, and that’s a good thing, The band as a whole sound flawless on the EP and Counting Tides is an accomplished EP and well worthy of your time.


You’ll find Counting Tides on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify from October 28th.

Bronze-Age Boats: Facebook|Twitter

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5 Comments on Bronze-Age Boats – Counting Tides Review

  1. Well I actually have excavated a Bronze Age boat in South Wales as it happens.

  2. Got shown this band by a friend, and I’ve gotta say I was surprised by what I heard! Normally I’m not into local bands, but these guys really know what they’re doing. Cant wait for the E.P to be released, you guys are going to go far.

  3. This is such a great EP! Exciting production and top class songs, tight playing and excellent arrangements. All the tracks are memorable with great hooks and choruses. Lyrics are fabulous. “No Lights” is a first rate anthem and “Let’s Excavate”, “See the Sea” and “Abacus” are just such exciting indie rock tracks which are catchy and quirky. Buy it! It’s special. Good luck to the boys and I hope ( and predict)!they do extremely well.

  4. Really enjoyed listening to this CD – professional sound and catchy songs. Particularly enjoyed the way the guitar complimented the music. This band is going to be BIG!

  5. I totally agree with this great review. I bought Counting Tides on cd a few weeks ago. The song writing and the musicianship is fantastic. The EP sounds good after one listen, but it grows and grows on you, the more you hear it. I recently heard the new Kaiser Chiefs single, and found myself thinking that sounds like Bronze-age Boats.

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