The Bronx – V Review

V is what you may expect from the new album by The Bronx. Noisy, punky and in your face, the band takes no prisoners and throws out eleven tracks jam-packed full of energy and momentum.

It’s difficult to know exactly what to say about V. If you liked The Bronx’s earlier stuff then chances are you’ll like this too. It just brings nothing new to the table and although it’s clear that the band has found what works for them, it almost feels like the ‘lazy’ way out rather than trying something a little different – you won’t find anything new nestled in amongst the eleven songs.

This is perhaps one of those albums that will be best appreciated in a live environment. You can really feel the energy seeping out from the songs and although there aren’t any standout tracks on the album, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. It definitely feels like it will have an extra bite when performed live, but arguably witnessing the carnage live is the best way to enjoy bands like The Bronx anyway.

V is not a bad album by any stretch but it just feels like The Bronx can do better – and it’s a shame.


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