Broken Guru – Bent Up Halo Review

W138Brought to you by the letters NYC, Broken Guru is one of those unique Indie-Art-Rock artists that exist solely in the realm of gritty rock. Opening with Plight Of Imemine, you instantly know what you are going to get served on this album; low meets high pitched vocals with some U2 elements combined with a little Iggy And The Stooges on the side.

This in-your-face trio is comprised of Rich Guerzon, the man behind the very catchy riff-laden guitar and vocals. Guerzon sounds like he has a few bones to pick with the world around him, and I think that might be my favorite part of Broken Guru’s rebellious sound. Chrisy Fiero is smart with his use of the bass, as he plays what works and not what he thinks will get him the most attention. Fiero adds his vocals to Rich’s, and together they simply work very well off each other. Last and definitely not least is Ray Fiero, the heavy hitting drummer that wears his Wolfmother and White Stripes influences on his sleeves (I apologize ahead of time if you don’t like those bands Mr. Fiero, but I call it how I see it). Just like the other two members, Ray offers his vocals up on the album as well, and together many of these songs come off as potential anthems more than just songs.

Bent Up Halo reminds me a lot of something that would have been found on The Doors LA Woman Album, if it was of course written by Broken Guru themselves. It has a very cocky and self-aware sound to it, and at only two-minutes and twenty-three seconds long, it comes in like a kick to the groin and then leaves just as fast. A personal favorite on the album and one I have listened two more than a few times in a row.

Broken Guru has successfully paired their confidence with a sound that feels more in your face than out of it, and it gets better the louder you listen to it, so turn it up!

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  1. Hello Ryan, thank you for the kicking review of Broken Guru’s debut cd ‘Bent Up Halo’. Please, if it is possible, fix the spelling and gender of Christy Fiero (female) bassist. Thanks again for your great review. Best Regards, Rich Guerzon.

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