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Brightlight City’s brand new EP Adventures is out today! We caught up with the band’s guitarists Justin and Jono to get an insight into their musical tastes and influences – check it out below, or listen to the full playlist over on our page right here.

A song that influenced them
Justin: At the Drive In – One Armed Scissor
This opened my ears to the sheer passion and energy that I always had and still have for music. Played with pure heart and soul, you can hear that on every track across Relationship of Command.

Jono: Foo Fighters – Everlong
This song helped me change the way I looked at guitar. Dave dropped his E and so did I. This is a perfect song in every way and brings back so many good memories of a time when being a kid and listening to new music was life changing

A song they wish they could have written
Justin: Tool – Lateralus
One of those songs that you can only stand back and admire it for the piece of art that it is. A slowly building intro, into a groove laden rock track. I love walking in London with this on my iPhone, everything and everyone around me seems to move to the rhythm. Truly incredible.

Jono: Refused – New Noise
While Wes was playing seven strings and covering George Michael, these Swedish kids pulled this beauty out of the bag. Aggressive and poignant, the lyrics really are a rallying call/cry and an incredible statement about the musical sentiments of the time. I still find this song relevant, fresh and totally engaging.

Their favourite Brightlight City Song
Justin: The Finish Line
At the moment we are writing for our album (due out in October) and I’m really proud of every song we have written; but of the new tracks Thieves or We Got Gravity are the ones that I love playing already, and we haven’t even recorded them or played them live! If I were to choose a song from our set it would have to be The Finish Line as it’s such a feel good great song to play!

Jono: Reaction
This song is riff heavy with a killer chorus. A song that encourages one to move, shake and maybe get a little octopussy to.

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
Justin: Young Legionnaire – Hole in the World
This band and yourcodenameismilo are 2 of my favourite bands. This song just has an awesome ebb and flow to it, just truly inspiring.

Jono: Baroness – Take My Bones Away
Not as heavy as their previous efforts and far more melodic vocally, the riffs drive the song and the slightly out-of-tune vocals are incredibly effective. This song has a great groove and some epic lead parts.

Their all-time favourite song
Justin: Foo Fighters – Everlong
One of the greatest songs I have heard. There are moments where, whether you are making music or listening to music, all of the parts fall perfectly in place and align to truly move you. The perfect rhythm section, catchy lead guitar lines and beautifully sung melodies! A master stroke from an incredible band, plus we all have a massive man crush on Dave Grohl.

Jono: A Perfect Circle – The Hollow
I first heard this song when I was 15 years old and even then I couldn’t hit some of Maynard’s notes. I probably didn’t know what the song was about back then but I think I may have cried a little.’

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