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Breathe In The Silence

Breathe In The Silence will soon be releasing their new EP Hold My Heart – ahead of the release, we asked them to give us an insight on their tastes and influences. Get involved below!

A song that influenced them
Mallory Knox – Lighthouse

This is such a hard question just from the off! We are inspired by so many artists individually it’s hard to find one song to hone in on that inspired us at one time. I feel that Lighthouse gave us a lot of inspiration for this new record. We listened to Signals a lot around the time when we were writing the new record. It’s a stellar album, catchy choruses and that upbeat vibe that we very much love in our own material.

A song they wish they could have wrote
Normandie – Collide

Collide would be a good shout for this one. Before we were confirmed for the tour with them we were playing their new album INGUZ non-stop, and then more so when we were confirmed. Watching that band play absolutely solid sets seven days straight was awesome, and it makes us wish that we’d written that song. It’s so massive!

Their favourite BITS song
Promised Lands

This is a hard one to pick, as we have our favourites to just listen back to and ones that are fun to play live. Feathers is definitely the one that we are all always enthusiastic about playing live, we threw so many riffs and different rhythms in there; it’s really fun to jump around to! Our newest single Promised Lands is probably our favourite to listen back to, it’s got the biggest chorus and it’s the first music video that we went full out with. It has a lot of meaning behind it and I think we can all relate to it in our own way.

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
The 1975 – UGH

We’re in love with the song UGH by The 1975 at the moment. When we were on our recent tour with Normandie around the UK, all we did was play that song on repeat. They’ve got such a fun, summery sound that you can’t help but feel a little dance coming on when it’s played.

All time favourite song
Basshunter – All I Ever Wanted

We’ve got so many songs from the last tours we’ve done that spark off memories of where we were at the time. Basshunter’s All I Ever Wanted is definitely one of the band’s favourites: we’ve had some hilarious van raves down the motorway to that one!

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