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boysetsfireIt’s been said that the new Boysetsfire album is self-titled because it represents a re-awakening of the band’s strengths and in all honesty, it’s a description that isn’t too far off the mark because this feels like the definitive Boysetsfire album.

There’s a fantastic freshness to the music and there is a hell of a lot of passion and zest to the performance. It’s clear that Boysetsfire have put their heart and soul into this release and the vocals in particular are something to behold – the emotiveness shines through, particularly in tracks such Cutting Room Floor, Ordinary Lives and Heaven Knows.

Indeed, Cutting Room Floor is one of the runaway successes of the album. It’s a song that really leaves an impression on you and I was actually finding myself singing along by the time it came to an end on my very first listen! It has a vocal line that swiftly becomes ingrained in your head and the hammering guitar line moving in sync with the drums during the chorus is both powerful and oh-so memorable.

As a whole, Boysetsfire is a tremendous release that shows a band that has no intentions of slowing down. This is perhaps the band’s best album yet.


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