Boysetsfire – Islington Academy, London 03/10/15

With the only UK date on this tour being at London’s Islington Academy, Silverstein’s fans had made the effort to represent, packing out the front of the barrier for the band’s main support slot. Treated to a mix of old and new songs the Canadian rockers didn’t disappoint. Playing classics such as Smile In Your Sleep and My Disaster, the crowd’s moshpits and singing were quickly in full swing.

It’s no surprise that Silverstein have been around for 15 years, album after album they have continued to create amazing music and put on energetic live performances. With just a few songs left members of the crowd began to roar My Heart Bleeds No More, a favoured song to end by the band, but instead the group chose to finish with the equally popular My Heroine. While the room was probably a 30-70 split of Silverstein fans, the crowd’s voices completely filled the room as they shouted back the lyrics from the bottom of their lungs.

Having been suitability warmed up, the rest of the audience were ready for the moment they’d been waiting for. It was clear from the start of their set that Boysetsfire have a dedicated fan base, irrelevant of their time on hiatus, the crowd got stuck right in as they opened on Savage Blood.

For Release The Dogs, Silverstein’s frontman Shane Told appeared back on stage to help with the aggressive vocals – something that he both nailed and clearly enjoyed! It’s not until after the song that BSF vocalist Nathan Gray confesses to suffering vocally, having been advised by the doctors not to scream at all. Shane also returns later on in the set for Eviction Article and After The Eulogy, providing some snacks for Nathan who’s medication is making him hungry, and his throat tearing harsh vocals once more. The band are also later joined by Ben Christo of Sisters of Mercy for a very special outing of fan favourite Rookie.

With the band in fine form, fans are treated to a lengthy set which included killer songs such as Last Years Nest, Misery Index and the more recently released One Match from their latest album. Gray’s pitch perfect clean vocals sounded as good as ever, and the band tight despite their high octane performance. Ending on My Life in The Knife Trade and Empire the band gave it all they had, and then some more. From the hardcore fans who clearly hung on every word, to those that missed Boysetsfire the first time round and were here for the support, few could argue that tonight wasn’t a fantastic show.

Boysetsfire are killing it at the minute, the new album is some of the best material they’ve done, and the shows are going down a storm. Lets hope a future UK tour is on the cards in the future, the sooner the better.

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