Boy Jumps Ship – Cavern Club, Liverpool 26/02/14

Boy Jumps Ship 2014 Tour PosterThe Cavern Club has seen some of the all-time greats perform on its stage, from The Beatles, to The Arctic Monkeys and Adele. This gig featured bands that are perhaps not quite the biggest names out there – but for how much longer?

Openers Evoss began their set with the four instrumentalists playing an introduction, which helped build atmosphere until frontman Shaun joined them onstage. The song itself, which was also a new one, was possibly one of their strongest songs to date, both in a musical sense and the performance itself. It sounded darker and more complex than their previous material and it really set the bar high for the rest of their set, which continued strongly as they launched into Slave To The Puppeteer. A personal favourite of mine already, it was recently given a key change which gave the song a whole new feel – it’s heavier, somehow, and a little more melancholic and emotional.

There was also room for crowd participation in their set with the audience being instructed to sing along to the woahs near the end of Taken, which was a nice touch. Naturally, Find Your Own Way Out was a particular highlight and they ended on a new song entitled Chemical Reaction. An incredible performance from the five-piece and their overall togetherness was a joy to see; it always feels good to see a band on top-form – and was even more impressive if you consider their frontman was suffering from a bout of sickness but still managed to give a strong and passionate performance all the same.

Up next was Pavilions and they were absolutely excellent. A good blend of melody with a hint of aggression, it was an engaging and enjoyable set. There was a lot of energy onstage and they fed off one another to give a thoroughly enjoyable show. The songs were great and everyone just seemed to be in-tune with one another. They seemed to be there just to have fun onstage, which was a good approach to take because it made the performance enjoyable as a result – and it was particularly amusing when guitarist Ryan’s strap came off his guitar not once, but twice, causing vocalist Tezz to come to his rescue! It really was a pleasure to see and discover this band – I’ll definitely be back for future shows.

Unfortunately, headliners Boy Jumps Ship were the weakest band of the night in comparison. They were certainly good, but there wasn’t much variety to their songs and there was nothing majorly special about the performance – they just seemed to stand there and play, and the songs all sounded fairly similar to each other, which was quite a shame, but on the other hand there was nothing glaringly bad about the set, it was just sadly the case that the two support acts were a little stronger in comparison.

Still a great night, however!


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