Boy Jumps Ship – The Bullingdon, Oxford 08/10/15

boy jumps ship tour

Boys Jumps Ship and Only Rivals’ co headline tour has travelled across the country and tonight is their final show at The Bullingdon in Oxford.

The opening band, Pastel Frontier (8/10), come on to a small crowd that quickly grows and their energetic rock gets people moving shortly after their set opens. Their stage prescence is a little lacking but they make up for it in great musicianship. As their set progressed they got more comfortable and as their comfort increased so did their stage presence and they owned the stage.

Oxford pop punks Better Than Never (8/10) enter the stage to a hoard of screaming fans. The 6 of them make the stage look small and they all put loads of energy into their performance as fans screamed and danced along. Having a fill in drummer didn’t stop the band from putting on a top performance. With huge drops and upbeat instrumental it’s clear to see why the crowd loved them. They put on a energetic, fun show and brought the spirit of pop punk to the show.

Only Rivals (7/10) enter to the smallest crowd of the night, but that doesn’t stop them from putting on a good show. With impressive instrumentation and a good upbeat feel, the crowd loved them. Their polished rock sound moves the small crowd, however they lacked stage presence and they seem a bit disconnected.

Boy Jumps Ship (8/10) come onstage and with huge choruses and huge stage presence the band work the very small crowd like putty. They look like they’re having fun and enjoying themselves which improves a bands performance ten fold. With well executed drops and an incredible energy even with the disappearing crowd they still kept their high energy up and gave their all throughout their set. A hell of a way to end the tour for sure.

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