Bowling for Soup – Lunch. Drunk. Love. Track by Track Review

This is BFS’s 12th studio album and was funded by via PledgeMusic. Here is a track by track look at the new album.

Critically Disdained

Critically Disdained is a seemingly acoustic track with clear cut vocals and lyrics that sound like contradictions that only make sense when you actually listen to the rest of the song. The track hits the 45 second mark and is full of energy with classic BFS punk rock guitars that can get you rocking out to it in no time at all. A great opener for the album.

Since We Broke Up

Since We Broke Up starts off slow but you don’t have to wait long. It’s a funny twist on breaking up and lists all the things a guy can do after the split. This song is all about rocking without looking. With some great rifts, amazing drum beats and classic harmonies mixed in, this is not your average brake up song!


Real starts has all the elements of the classic BFS feet tapping jam but with a twist. It kicks off with rocking guitars and well placed drum beats. With melodic vocals performed with genuine passion that all fit nicely with the lyrics which are about saying this is who I am, “I’m just trying to be real”.

From The Rooftops

From The Rooftops is a non-ballad of a love song that is seemingly chaotic at first. With the fusion of instruments; a split second keyboard intro with rifting guitars, fast paced drums and belting vocals throughout, a nice break down with repetitive, catchy as hell vocals in the mid section and 3 part vocals at the end. Funky and upbeat, you’ll be singing along in no time.


Circle is mostly an acoustic song that has a melodic feel. It starts off with soft acoustic guitars and builds in presence before the drums and keyboard key in. It all helps it build and rise with emotion, expressing a tender state of mind.

Normal Chicks

Normal chicks is a funfair of infused rock ‘n’ roll. The song has comparisons to celebrities and the general lyrics being a great mix up of clever ways of saying ‘your perfect the way you are’.

I Am Waking Up Today

I Am Waking Up Today starts with an alarm clock that quickly jumps into some burly guitars, hard beating drums and loud but well controlled vocals that seem to throw the feeling of a strong conviction that the singer has woken up from a zombie state after a break up.

Couple Of Days

Starting off with a grunge style guitar and vocals, Couple of Days sees an attempt at penning a love song but suffering a case of temporary writers block. The song soon becomes a whirlwind of punk rock guitars and raw power of wishful thinking.

And I Think You Like Me Too

And I Think You Like Me Too mixes catchy ‘la la la la’s’ and lyrics that give us a unique run through of how it feels to fall for someone. It creates a catchy tune, with a classic ‘boy meets girl in bar’ and ‘across the room’ theme.


Envy boasts an epic guitar slide that leads into a hard rocking song. With catchy rifts, it’s a great song to jump around too.

How Far Can This Go?

How Far Can This Go? is a ‘let’s work hard at this relationship’ themed song with a melodic keyboard and acoustic guitar running throughout.

Right About Now

Right About Now starts with an absolutely amazing clash of instruments, fade outs and classic BFS vocals that quickly jumps in.  With some high energy guitars this song is all about the jealousy of your friends having fun without you.

Kevin Weaver

Kevin Weaver has a bit of a split personality because it’s addressing two people. Firstly, a mum which sees soft vocals and acoustic guitars, then a dad and suddenly the music changes to wild guitars and heavy drums. Both sections talk of the pride between parent and child.

BFS announced that the tour of the UK would go ahead in October 2013, but that it would be the last that the group perform as Bowling For Soup upon the UK shores. This album really is the beginning of a new era for Bowling For Soup.


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  1. Great review….Thanks so much.

    Do you have any idea who “Kevin Weaver” is after hearing the song? Strange name for a song title….Guessing it must’ve been somebody that Jaret knew somewhere along the way….

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