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We’re loving the new album from Boss Keloid, Herb Your Enthusiasm (check out our review here) so we decided to catch up with the band to get an insight on their tastes and influences. Get involved below!

A song that influenced you
Alex (Vocals): There are so many and to pin point one is hard, but I’d have to go with Bob Marley’s Natural Mystic. The whole vibe of the song is amazing. The way the track creeps in at the beginning then the snare roll hits and the song starts to flow proper. The melody of the vocals and lyrics always get me.

A song you wish you could have written
Ste (Drums): Very hard question to answer, but I’m going to say Aja by Steely Dan. It blows me away every time I hear it. Either that or Russ Abbott’s Atmosphere.

Your favourite Boss Keloid song
Adam (Bass): Cone would be my choice. Mainly because of the dynamic range that the song delves through. From the brooding, clean intro and verse riff, right through to the crushing middle sections. I knew when this song first came together in the rehearsal room that this one was a strong, lumbering number.

A song you’ve been listening to a lot recently
Paul (Guitar): IO by a Croatian band called Seven That Spells. An 18 minute long psychedelic mega-beast. I love how they play out a riff for ages which really adds to the hypnotic and trance-like vibe of the song. The drumming and bass work behind the repetitive riffs are on another level. Locked in tight but with a very loose and sexy jam feel.

Your all time favourite song
Alex: This is a hard question to answer because there is so much music I love. Listening to music is my one and only hobby and I’m obsessed with it. There are so many amazing songs from different bands/ artists that connect with me personally, or remind me of certain times in my life, and it’s impossible to list them all.

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