Bornless Fire – Arcanum Review

Release date: 23 February 2018

Well, this is the good shit. Bornless Fire is a new project from Kristof Bathory (Dawn Of Ashes) and Arcanum is the project’s debut album, bringing industrial, EBM and metal together to create a sinfully delicious sound.

I love metal with a solid industrial edge to it, so Arcanum is right up my street. Bornless Fire blends the two main genres together to create a very solid bit of work, and the balance is just right between the two. The repeating ideas and melodies in the songs help to get the album firmly stuck in your head and additionally, Arcanum is one of those special releases that you’ll ultimately discover something new on each subsequent listen.

There’s something uniquely good about all the songs contained on the album but for me, the standout track of Arcanum is Eclipse Of The Soul. A quietly powerful song, the repeating lead melody soon worms its way under your skin and the snarled vocal delivery juxtaposes nicely against it, helping to leave a really strong impression on you. The song may not be the most complex, but the simplicity as a whole works in the tracks favour because it makes each individual element stand out instead.

This may only be Bornless Fire’s debut album, but the bar has been set very high for future releases because this is just absolute quality – and I’m already eager to see what the project will cook up with their next album.


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