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Bodhi, the one-man project from The Room Colored Charlatan’s Justin Seymour, recently released its debut EP Ineffable. We caught up with him to find out about where he draws his influences from.

A song that influenced him
Animals As Leaders – Behaving Badly
Like many, the first time I heard Animals as Leaders’ debut album in 2009 I knew that the genre of progressive metal had been changed forever and I aspired to be a part of that change after listening to this song.

A song he wishes he could have written
Guthrie Govan – Wonderful Slippery Thing
Guthrie Govan knows how to hit every right note and this song is pure jazzy groove, plus if I had the skills to write this song my guitar playing would be next level!

His favourite Bodhi song
Ineffable is the culminating song of the album and the title track, I wrote this song after going through some difficult personal issues that created emotions that I couldn’t express any other way that through music. That’s why the song and album is titled Ineffable.

A song he’s been listening to a lot recently
Stories – Alone in the Fallout
Stories has been a favorite of mine since 2013 and with their new release this song was a standout track for me. I have been listening to it while I go on late night walks alot.

His all time favourite song
Hans Zimmer – Time
Time from the Inception soundtrack as many know is a truly epic track and has taken on icon status, however there is a reason this song is in its simplest form just 4 chords on the piano but escalates into one of the most epic and beautiful songs in modern times.

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