Bodhi – Ineffable Review

Ineffable is the brand new release from studio-only project Bodhi (aka Justin Seymour of The Room Colored Charlatan) and it’s a rather exciting introduction to what will hopefully be a successful endeavour for him.

The EP is admittedly what you may have come to expect from instrumental prog, so there’s no real surprises to be found over the course of the six tracks – but nevertheless it is a very exciting and engaging piece of work with a lot of colour and emotion to the music, making it a pleasure to listen to. Additionally, there’s a nice atmosphere to the music as a whole, giving the whole EP an excellent vibe.

Essence is one of the stronger tracks of the EP. One of the latter tracks, it has a nice heavy edge to it amidst all the proggy goodness, and the little repeating sections wind up in your head after a listen or two. There’s a good amount of urgency to the track, especially in the introduction (which is seriously catchy) and really keeps up the momentum.

Ineffable is a good starting point for Bodhi. There’s some real high points to be found in this, and there’s a lot of potential for him to grow and evolve his sound as time progresses. Great stuff!


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