Bob Malmström – Kejsarsnitt Review

bob malmstromBob Malmström are back with their new EP Kejsarsnitt, but whilst their previous offerings have always been fairly powerful and memorable pieces, it just feels like there’s something missing this time round and sadly Kejsarsnitt just doesn’t reach the highs this band is capable of reaching.

Kejsarsnitt is just a difficult release to connect with. It feels like Bob Malmström are projecting noise at you rather than making music that you can get involved with, which doesn’t make for a very inclusive listen. It’s all a bit disjointed and doesn’t flow too well from song to song, and it feels like each member is doing their own thing, rather than the band moving as a unit together.

It’s a shame because there are moments on the EP that have potential. There’s some great riffs, guitarwork and melodic moments in parts of the second track, Domare Domare, and closer Du kan lita på mig has a really cool chanted section that could go down a storm live with the crowd getting involved – if you’re on the ball and catch it, that is, because the pace is so fast it’s a case of “blink and you’ll miss it”!

As a whole, Kejsarsnitt just isn’t a satisfying listen – and it’s a shame, because I for one know that Bob Malmström can do better than this.


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