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Boar-VeneficaeIf noise is what you want, noise is what you’ll get when you listen to Boar’s debut full-length offering, Veneficae. Hailing from Finland, Boar plays an utterly filthy blend of sludge, doom and punk, and they have really hit the ground running with Veneficae.

Veneficae sounds very much like a release from seasoned veterans of the sludge/doom scene that have been making music together for decades, and whilst Boar is by no means a brand new band (their facebook describes the band as having formed in 2009), it’s still an impressive feat nevertheless.

The music as a whole has this wonderful fuzzy tone to it, which aids in making everything sound just that little bit heavier, and Boar are relentless in their efforts, with Veneficae not losing any momentum from start to finish. Each track hits you like a tonne of bricks and a particularly good thing about Boar is that the vocals are very distinctly delivered – with a harsh and raw tone to them that juxtaposes well against the overall fuzziness of the instrumentation.

There’s only one slight problem with the album and that’s the fact that Boar don’t really show the listener anything new, with Veneficae not really standing out from the crowd with regards to other bands in the genre. However despite that, it’s still a powerful album that really serves as a great introduction to the band.


Boar: Website|Facebook

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