Bloody Terror – Diaboli Celeritate Review

Bloody TerrorDiaboli Celeritate is the latest offering from Ukrainian/Russian outfit Bloody Terror and it’s a fairly strong offering that plays on the band’s strengths.

Beginning with a unique and interesting acoustic-sounding introduction, momentum slowly builds up and up until you’re faced with a great chunky sound that stays with you as the song progresses. It’s an engaging way to get things going because it grabs your interest bit-by-bit and once it has hold of you, it doesn’t let go!

Diaboli Celeritate progresses well from there, with highlights including softer number Winter’s Sunset that showcases a fantastic keyboard line, and the headbangingly awesome Life Is A Dream which is a catchy little piece that will quickly get stuck in your head.

However, it does have to be said that it doesn’t feel like a very adventurous release as a whole. It’s a good album; there’s no mistaking that, but as the album progresses, it does feel like the band have played things fairly safe. There’s nothing groundbreakingly different on there and it’s all been done before, but for what it is, it is a good listen and certainly worth checking out.


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