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Ahead of the release of Blood Youth’s EP Closure via Rude Records in March, Chris gives a brief insight into the filming of the title track’s new video. Check it out below!


The video for our song Closure is based on a scene from the movie Fight Club. It’s based on our idea of a group of people getting together to talk about their problems, who are all in need of the same thing. Closure. But everybody is trapped in their own problems, so nobody is really listening, no matter what’s in front of you or how loud you are.

We picked that song to do it on specifically because it’s the perfect follow up from our previous EP ‘Inside My Head’. Lyrically it picks up where everything left off.

The location we chose to do it in is actually my old high school! We knew we wanted a dingy looking gym hall or a social room to lay out the chairs in and try make look like some form of a rehabilitation group session, so me and Sam (drummer) went looking around all the high schools in Harrogate, and my old high school had the perfect one. Luckily the head teacher was cool as hell about letting us film there. We got a load of our friends and family to feature in the video too, our drummer’s dad actually played the guy with the clipboard. So we had a big table full of snacks, drinks and coffee out in the hallway. It was a good time!

Something funny/weird that did actually happen, was half way through the video shoot a member of the site staff came in and was asking what we were doing and how we got in. Turns out he had no clue that we were coming in to film that day! Keep in mind the school was closed for the holidays at this time so nobody was meant to be in the school. So he was pretty freaked out!

Our good friend Zak Pinchin who’s done all of our music videos so far. He’s super cool with everything, gets what we want and is great to work with. A lot of videographers can take it down a serious path whilst directing music videos due to just taking their job too seriously. Zak is cool as hell when it comes to communicating and discussing what we want out of a music video.

But overall the video as a whole came out better than expected. Zak and everyone involved did an amazing job and we couldn’t be more proud of how the video came out.

Blood Youth Release ‘Closure’ via Rude Records on 11th March 2016. Pre-order now:

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