Behind The Scenes: The Artwork Of Inside My Head by Blood Youth

blood youth inside my head

Born from the ashes of Climates, the foursome knuckled down on the hunt for a new vocalist. As the search began they channelled their frustrations and fears about an unstable future the only way they knew how: into music. By the end of 2014 the band had amassed a wealth of cathartic new material, songs that snapped and snarled at the heels of their collective anxieties, and kept their determination to continue above water. The band’s focussed and positive mind-set was further rewarded when Kaya Tarsus, a one-time former bandmate of Pritchard, stepped forward to fill the frontman vacancy, and Blood Youth was born.

After a few intensive months behind closed doors, the quintet are now ready to reveal their debut offering, the Inside My Head EP, which will see release June 22nd in partnership with label Rude Records. Here they discuss the creation of the artwork, which perfectly captures the themes and atmosphere of the record…


The artwork process for this EP took some time. We had a few variations we kind of put together in house but none of them really captured what we all felt we wanted.

At one point we almost just had a black background template with our logo over it. Nothing was really working and we thought maybe just keeping it simple would be best. After sitting on that for a few days we decided to do the exact opposite and have as much colour and chaos as possible. The simple design didn’t represent what any of us as a band are or match the message ‘inside my head’ is trying to put out.

We ended up getting in touch with Jake Carruthers who had previously done merch designs and our Blood Youth logo we are currently using, so we knew he was a safe shout. We were all familiar with his style and he understood what we were after.

The whole lyrical content of the EP is very out there. A lot of emotions from Kaya have been spilled from some very dark and stressful times. It kind of led to wanting the artwork to have a sense of aggression and frustration. We told Jake the story and he literally came straight back with a rough sketch of what we have now. He nailed it straight away and we were all stoked on it. We got some physical copies sent through a few weeks ago and they came out amazing!

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Inside My Head is released June 22nd via Rude Records, pre-order now to receive track Cold Sweat instantly for free!


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