Blomst – Blomst Review

Blomst stBlomst have just released their self-titled debut album and it’s a great little listen; ten tracks of hard-hitting and energetic punk with a nice little airy touch for good measure.

The way the album flows is beautiful; the tracks all move so well from one to the next and a particularly strong point of the release is the delivery of the vocals. Ida is a versatile singer and her voice somehow sounds gentle whilst also being very in-your-face – an admirable quality to have! The blend of energy, melody and rawness is just right, with nothing being overpowering.

Unfortunately, that is also the album’s one shortcoming – whilst everything is beautifully presented and all sounds very nice, there’s no stand-out elements of the album and whilst Blomst is an enjoyable listen, it’s not one of those pieces that will stick in your mind for very long after you’ve finished listening to it.

That’s not to say that Blomst’s debut full-length is a bad one because it isn’t. However, it is one of those albums that works better as background music than a full-blown engaging listen – but sometimes when you want to relax and chill, that’s exactly what you need.


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