Blodsmak – Gjennom marg og bein Review

BLODSMAK - Gjennom marg og bein cover artBlodsmak are back with their second full-length album Gjennom marg og bein. Whilst it’s certainly different to their last album (Av jord er me komne), with a bit more of a darker vibe to it, it’s still as good as its predecessor and still sounds undeniably ‘Blodsmak’. Each song has its own unique style, yet everything slots together fantastically – the flow of the album is great.

Although the album opener Fåfengt is good, due to the introduction taking a long time to gain momentum it feels like Gjennom marg og bein gets properly started with its second track Heimsøkt. The amount of drive from the drums is something to behold and it really picks up the pace of the album, especially when coupled with the semi-frenetic guitar line and passion-filled vocals, and it feels like the album has a lot more movement behind it as a result.

The faster tracks, such as previous single Bang Bang and Giljotin, help to keep the album moving and ensure your interest is maintained from start to finish, but an unexpected highlight of the album comes in the form of slower track Finn kvila. A highly emotive piece, it stands out for all the right reasons. The vocals are delivered in such a way that they send shivers down your spine and when the direction of the track moves from a more acoustic approach to a fuller and rounder sound when the full band kicks in, it takes your breath away – the juxtaposition of the two sections works perfectly and really helps the track to leave a bigger impression on you as a result.

Blodsmak have really delivered with Gjennom marg og bein. It can quite often be the case that a band’s second album doesn’t make the same sort of impact as their debut, but Blodsmak have smashed that preconception and have created an album they can truly be proud of.


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