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Last year, Blodhemn released their second full-length album H7. We interviewed Invisius via email in November 2014 and this is what we heard back from him.

You’re currently getting ready to release your second full-length, H7. How did you approach the writing and recording process this time around?
Blodhemn’s second full-length album was released in November 2014. The writing process was the same as always; start off with the guitar riffs, then lay down the drumtracks, then experiment with the vocals and finally the bass.

I found Evig Heder to be a particularly strong track – could you tell me more about that one?
Evig Heder is a straight-forward black trash song with obvious punk inspirations. The lyrical themes revolve around the Norwegian resistance during WW2.

Were there any tracks that were more of a struggle to get down in the studio or did everything go to plan?
I remember being hungover like hell while recording the drums tracks for Evig Heder and Veiten 3. I was not at the top of my game obviously, but I think the finished product turned out really good!

Which track would you say you’re personally the most proud of?
This things changes all the time, but I guess it would be Evig Heder, Flammens virke, Slettet av tid and Holmengraa.

I feel H7 is quite a natural progression from your last album Holmengraa, would you say the two albums go hand in hand or do you feel it is more of a standalone piece?
To me it feels like a natural progression, but at the same time I was out to make a more experimental and challenging album with H7. With incorporating elements from punk, heavy metal and so forth, I think made the album stand out more.

You’re currently on tour with Mayhem – how is that going so far?
We did a tour with Mayhem in November 2014.

What’s the reception been like?
Very good. The audiences seem to be into Blodhemn as well. The shows in Riga and Stockholm stand out.

Any interesting tour stories to report so far?
A lot of good partying went down. The Mayhem guys treated us really well, and we got along great. I must say I find it fascinating when people bring body parts to the shows…

What can fans expect from a Blodhemn show?
The fans can expect a aggressive and energetic performance. We tend to give all that we got while playing live.

And finally what does next year have in store for Blodhemn?
In 2015 I will focus on writing new material and playing live shows. Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo April 1st is next!

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