Blind Revision – Fight Or Flight Review

blind revision fight or flightFight Or Flight is the new EP from American alternative rock outfit Blind Revision and whilst it is a fairly good listen, it does seem like Blind Revision are capable of more.

Fight Or Flight is a catchy enough EP, and in particular you’ll certainly find yourself singing along to the title track before long – it features a powerfully-delivered smooth vocal performance from frontwoman Jen and the half-shouted male vocals are a nice touch, juxtaposing well against the clean female vocals. It also features a great performance instrumentally too, with a good bit of heaviness to the guitars that complements the vocals perfectly.

However, as the EP progresses, it does become apparent that each track seems to follow a similar sort of format and although Blind Revision have found a format that works for them and there’s no denying that they can write a catchy song or two, it would be nice if there was a little more variety to the tracks because it does feel like they haven’t reached their full potential.

As a whole, Fight Or Flight is a good EP and is a very accessible piece. However it would be nice to see them be a little more adventurous with their next release as it does play as a very safe listen.


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