Bleak Falls – The Grass Gets No Greener Review

Bleak Falls are an Alternative Metal/Melodic Hardcore band from Sussex and were founded in 2011. Since then, they shared the stage with many bands and started to gain more and more fans in the UK. The Grass Gets No Greener will be released on 18 November and is their second EP.

Forever/Always is the first track on the record. It immediately shows how much emotion the band puts into their work and you can literally feel the vocalist’s pain while listening. The atmosphere changes when ’95 is on, a song which doesn’t sound as vulnerable as the first one did. However, ’95 is still emotionally intense, in a way that’s stronger than Forever/Always was.

Song number three is called  A Taste Of Change but the atmosphere overall stays the same. 
Deadlock starts with the rough sound of guitars before the vocalist and drummer join in. Some clean vocals here and there would have been good to breathe new life into the songs and to have a bit more variety all in all. 
Put Me To Sleep is the last song on The Grass Gets No Greener and a successful end of a good record. Bleak Falls have something special about them and with all the hard work and emotion they put into their songs, they’ll surely make it sooner or later!


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