Blaqk Audio – Material Review

blaqk audio materialWhen you listen to a Blaqk Audio album you’re not listening to The Davey Havok from AFI Project. The beautiful tragedy in Davey’s voice remains strong but his isn’t the only voice heard in Blaqk Audio. The latest album Materials is a dreamy synth-fest augmented in vocal lamentation and convective rhythms. If you were privy to the VNV Nation remix of AFIs’ Miss Murder you can hear an extension of this through Blaqk Audio’s electronics.

Material is a chimera of sorts approaching new sonal territory with wizened maturity where Material is the missing link between alternative rock and futurepop. Having the anatomy of post-punk but the aesthetic of a different class Blaqk Audio leave the impression of substance over style.  Blaqk Audio has the same heart as AFI; encased in a fond memory as the formal intensity is carried over with refreshing aplomb.

Their third creation containing eleven tracks of dark-urbanism set to the background of new wave inspired futurepop moves within the limits of electronique music.  Rarely does an electro album address it’s lyrical subjects (or any) so upfront and sincerely. Retaining the punk attitude and translating it while adding a generous doping of chic.  Glorious synths shimmer and glisten on the streets where Blaqk Audio illuminate darkest dreams.  If the world needed it Madonna could successfully revitalize her tarnished brand with Blaqk Audio behind her.


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