Singled Out: Blancatransfer – Electric Light

This is a new track from the Myspace formed Irish band, Blancatransfer. They are known for their indie rock pop sound and claim they are molded and maintained directly by modern technology. This is definitely true and is clear from their music.

Electric Light has a mature electric indie pop feel to it, from its upbeat rhythm to its clear spoken mature lyrics sung throughout the song. The song opens with a smooth, controlled upbeat introduction full of drums, guitars and electric pop rhythm. Once the vocals kick in, it gets even better. The song doesn’t really have a change in sound throughout. It’s all kept to a casual level thats easy on the ear. There isn’t a defiant change between chorus or verse, some may or may not like this. Its great to hear modern technology such as beats and sounds all used to their best in this track. This gives them a distinct sound in the pop electronic rock bracket.

Give the song a listen and share your feedback below.


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