Blame Kandinsky – Pink Noise Motel Review

blame kandinsky pink noise motelPink Noise Motel is the latest offering from Greek mathcore outfit, Blame Kandinsky, and if it’s possible to sum up an album in just two words, organised chaos is something that springs to mind here – and this is both a good and a bad thing.

It’s clear that Blame Kandinsky is a band that thrives on live performances and have tried to replicate the chaos that obviously ensues at their shows, but it doesn’t come across quite so well on CD; it’s like the band is projecting the noise at you, rather than getting the listener fully involved with the music. It makes for a slightly difficult listen as a result, as you’re not quite able to fully connect with a release.

However, it’s difficult not to appreciate the sheer amount of passion and energy that has been put into Pink Noise Motel and for that, Blame Kandinsky cannot be faulted. The momentum of the album is absolutely incredible and the way the band powers from each song to the next is something to behold. It’s a very tight-sounding listen and the force behind the vocals is particularly good.

Although at times, Pink Noise Motel isn’t the most engaging of releases, you shouldn’t let that put you off because it’s obvious here that this band needs to be seen live to be fully appreciated. So with that in mind, make sure you head down to an upcoming show of theirs to witness them in the flesh!


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