Black Nevada – Rising Evolution EP Review

Black Nevada is a four piece alternative rock band from Shildon/ Bishop Auckland and formed quite recently in January 2012.

The EP, Rising Evolution, which was out 1st March 2013, brings some amazing vocals, catchy rifts, great lyrics, awesome breakdowns and youthful high energy fuel for your ears. Not bad at all for a teen band!

The first track is called ‘F.E.W’, a powerful and catchy number that has you tapping along in seconds. Full of energy and has great guitar riffs running through it. The second up is ‘Dreams Change’ and kicks off with a rocking drum beat then heads into some profound guitars and change up style vocals.

‘Losing Patience’ is a rocking tune that you can defiantly can dance too and has some raw vocals. ‘Failure At Best’ doesn’t disappoint, with some repetitive but catchy guitars and melodic vocals, including some harmonisation that rounds of the song nicely.

‘Game Face’ has a very heavy guitar intro with some strong bass accents mixed in and complex drums which somehow brings it all together. Last but not least is ‘Syndrome’, which is quite dark themed with some great rifting guitar break downs and powerful yet melodic vocals.

Black Nevana are doing well for themselves, although only being together for a year and a half and most of the band being 18, they are already playing bigger venues such as o2 academy’s. Who knows where they’ll be a year from now.


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