Black Label Society – Catacombs of the Black Vatican Review

Black Label Society - Catacombs of the Black VaticanBlack Label Society are all about mixing metal with hard rock and everything inbetween. Very few bands dare to mix up as much as BLS do and this album is no different.

The album immediately kicks off into Fields of Unforgiveness, which is a metal track inspired by elements of prog, pop and hard rock. It’s the 70’s brought into 2014 and it rocks hard. Zakk Wylde showcases his ever amazing guitar talents perfectly with an all encompassing guitar solo to boot.

The beautiful Angel of Mercy is a lulling soft rock ballad featuring strings and beyond. It’s easy to fall in love with this track.

The album screams creativity and it’s easy to see it showcased so perfectly in Heart of Darkness and Beyond the Down. Another standout track from the album is Damn the Flood. It’s big and full of that familiar Zakk Wylde screeching guitar.

The final track on the album is some mix of ballad, soft rock and psychedelica from the 70’s, Shades of Grey. The 6 and a half minute long finale just proves the wide range of influence Zakk Wylde has from all walks of his life and long career.

The album is a brilliant piece of metal writing with more than just your standard shredding, it brings in so much more from so many other genres and really showcases just why Black Label Society have had such a long and successful career.


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