Black Crown Initiate – Selves We Cannot Forgive Review

black crown initiate selves we cannot forgiveWe were suitably impressed by Black Crown Initiate’s last album The Wreckage Of Stars so have been awaiting their latest effort Selves We Cannot Forgive with bated breath and needless to say, it does not disappoint.

Seemingly picking up right where The Wreckage Of Stars left off, Selves We Cannot Forgive is another masterful blend of melody and aggression – Black Crown Initiate have got it absolutely spot on again. The emotion in both styles of vocals is fantastic and blend well with the combination of meaty and complex instrumentation – and the energy is tremendous.

There’s plenty of great tracks on the album for you to get your teeth into, but one of the standout pieces is Transmit To Disconnect, which is perhaps one of the heavier tracks of the album due to the lack of clean vocals. It starts off with a gentle melodic section and then the band build it up by punctuating it with heavy punchy moments before moving to the next level and projecting a wall of noise from the track. And then suddenly…everything stops abruptly and there’s a beautiful little soft moment before you get presented with a more technical section complete with a seriously impressive guitar solo.

As a whole, Selves We Cannot Forgive is another great album from Black Crown Initate. This is a band you really need to get involved with if you still aren’t familiar with them.


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