Bittersweet By Design – EP Review

Born in Merthyr Tydfil, this 5-piece self proclaimed “man band” blend together rock and metal, with subtle touches of pop melody to create a truly enjoyable listening experience.

Their new self-titled EP proves this very well. Opening track “Nagusaki” takes a short while to get going, building up the excitement. The guitars are clean and full of solid groove. The track itself is a slow burner, allowing vocalist Joel Price to draw out every note with confidence balancing the growled vocals very well.

“Lights Out”, a more up-beat number is a brilliant pop-rock track, having an incredibly catchy chorus, you find yourself unable to resist nodding your head or tapping your feet to this one.

The one minor issue with the EP, the band are currently unsigned, and the production quality has room for tweaking here and there. This itself isn’t a bad thing or is in anyway pinpointing any sort of flaws in the bands ability, it is in fact a very promising thought. Give these boys the right backing and I guarantee you’ll end up with superb end results. One’s to watch.


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