Biters – Electric Blood Review

biters electric bloodElectric Blood is the debut full-length release from Biters and although if you’re not quite paying full attention it may simply sound like another rock and roll album in an already-oversaturated genre, look a little closer and you may well be surprised.

There’s something that’s just so accessible and enjoyable about this piece, with plenty of opportunities for you to sing along and get involved, and what’s especially good is that there’s a nice amount of variation on the album. There’s plenty of songs with a whole lot of get-up-and-go from start to finish, packing a punch whilst simultaneously bringing riffs and melodies destined to get stuck in your head, but there’s also songs that feature slower, sublime moments such as The Kids Ain’t Alright – it opens with simplistic piano with nothing but a passionate vocal line for accompaniment before the full band joins in and the two different approaches juxtaposed against each other really leaves an impression on you.

Another highlight of the album is Loose From The Noose. The vocal approach in the chorus, which features falsetto-style vocals as well as vocals performed the ‘standard’ style, is absolutely excellent and the numerous guitar solos add a great bit of complexity to it all. Nicely done! This sounds like a track that will go down an absolute treat live.

If you’re looking for a feel-good soundtrack to your summer, look no further than here. This is a great and enjoyable album – and what more can you want than that?


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