Billy Talent – The Garage, London 16/08/12

The support tonight are Sharks and they keep the crowd entertained enough. But there don’t seem to be much in the way of Sharks fans here and the crowd politely bop their heads and tap their toes as they await the main act for the night.

Billy Talent take to the stage and the room takes off. They don’t push it too far and they bring the crowd in by praising London’s efforts at the olympics, likening it to their own Canadian efforts at the Winter Olympics in 2010 hosted in Vancouver and opened by the band.

But once the formal exchange of world events is done with the band head straight into a jam packed set. They superbly mix it up by covering all 3 of their albums and anything from the new record they feel suitable enough to stick in when practically nobody knows the words yet. But it works well and it’s a nice taster for what’s to come when the new record is released.

It’s a nice crowd too, all ages, all singing and enjoying it together. All the way from the hardcore fan singing in my ear through me (a fan but I’d not call myself top of the ranks by any means) and on to the mum and dad who have brought their kids along. The kids of course have run off into the crowd, dad sits nodding his head but mum is loving it, and rocking out probably harder than me.

But it’s clear from the crowd that Billy Talent know how to write well and perform an awesome show and tonight is no exception to that.


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