Billy Talent – Tramshed Cardiff, 24/10/16

Monday, the least rock ‘n roll night of the week but here we are at a sold out Billy Talent show and people in the queue are already talking about how sore they’ll be tomorrow.

The main support comes from UK middleweights Young Guns, who themselves could easily sell out the venue. Although tonight feels like a mixed collective of fans it doesn’t stop singer Gustav who keeps at it throughout the set to entice the crowd to get moving, continually bouncing around stage much like Tigger. They plough through and play what feels like a short for them but their extensive tunes more than make up for it. Playing like friends on stage by the end of their set their energy is set to burst. It’s a sleek end.

As the night drifts along Billy Talent emerge quite late and don’t hesitate to jump straight into the set kicking things off with Devil In A Midnight Mass. All wearing red with a backdrop that bears their new album artwork Afraid Of Heights, Billy Talent seem to have a refreshed feeling about them. The energy instantly bounces off the band into the crowd who pour their lungs out to every song.

Benjamin casually mentions he has family from Wales and how they routed for our football team. “You should be very proud of yourselves” he mentions before noting that Gareth Bale is one handsome guy. It almost feels like he’s talking to friends in the room than a room full of adoring strangers – a quality that tends to come from competent bands.

A strong setlist of hits provides many moments for fans to empty their hearts out filling the hall with sheer love for a band who deserve it. Their stage presence never changes, every show is as strong as the last and every moment is cherished by the fans.

With a mixed crowd many will experience a huge first show whilst others will be thrown back to their teens and what it was like to see a band play from the heart and play with angst. Although a small poke at the tameness of the gig doesn’t go amiss from Benjamin, “I kinda feel like I’m in the Footloose town where no one is allowed to dance”, we know it’s a Monday but tonight feels especially quiet for a Billy Talent gig but that doesn’t last for long as bodies finally start to fly around mid way through the set.

Ending on biggest hit Red Flag leaves the venue in awe feeling young and rejuvenated again. They’ve come on and ruled the night, a band who throw themselves into a show and always make the best of it.


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