Big Time Kill – Big Time Kill EP Review

big time killFollowing the success of the titular Teach Yourself For Dummies webinar that launched many a career musician, Big Time Kill is an avant-garde reminder of La Rue that nobody asked for, and at this rate of post-modernism there’s going to be nothing but grinding every single pleasure that there has ever been a web crawl for.

The ability of Adam Scneider and Ben Caccia to write and play good music is prevalent and often excellent at being noticeably progressive.  However the formula for Big Time Kill comes from the tried and tested method for sonic manipulation that twists the sweet application of alternative rock into an unoriginal abomination of ideas.

The varied influences excitedly move and glide the tone over a melodious but perturbed metal like devise and are handled with complimentary attention to alternative musics’ staples. Wrought together by a bewitching complex of fluttering guitar riffs that augment the new wave deliberation intended within the songs. Welding together abruptly to create a feature, rather than a design necessity with which to carry the memorable choruses.

Light-hearted debut EP Big Time Kill has compositions worthy of mainstream charts, the nostalgic production values of only yesterday and the ambition of a forest fire.  The novelty of punk and the romanticism of Nick Rhodes. All within an umbrella of grungy electronica.


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