Beseech – My Darkness, Darkness Review

beseech darknessMy Darkness, Darkness is the first full-length album from Beseech following their 2012 reform and is my first encounter with the band, owing to not being familiar with them prior to their 2006 split. Consisting of eleven powerful songs, My Darkness, Darkness is an album that will most-definitely leave a lasting impression on you and it showcases a band on top form.

One of the first things that strikes you about this piece is the sheer emotiveness of it. It’s clear that this is an album that Beseech have put their heart and soul into, and you can really hear the passion shining through in the music. The way the music is delivered is just fantastic, with each track having a great flow to it and the emotive vocals (which have an almost mournful vibe to them at times) add a great bit of body to the music.

It’s no surprise that the title track is one of the strongest of the piece; whilst also being a fairly good representation for what you can expect from the album as a whole, the vocal line in particular is very memorable – it’s very difficult to listen to the song without wanting to sing along yourself and the male & female sections complement each other perfectly.

As a whole, there’s not a lot that can really be faulted with this album, aside from a minor nuance of the songs being stylistically similar to one another. A truly great listen that looks set to do very well for this incredible band.


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