Bentley Park – Innocence Review

Bentley Park - InnocenceThe album opens with a track that sums up Bentley Park’s unique and rather strange brand of pop punk meets post hardcore. Whilst elements of their sound are similar to that of Pierce the Veil and My Chemical Romance, no surprise their record was mixed by Dan Korneff who has worked with both bands. But they also delve into the deeper and darker side of rock, at times touching the post hardcore elements but firmly with a strong bit of pop behind it.

The pop makes the songs really enjoyable and the hardcore brings it away from the jolly, happy rut pop punk often leads itself down whilst still somehow managing to whinge.

The lyrics are very creative and rather different and this can definitely be heard on opening track Blood Ties.

Track Sly-ther showcases the band’s use of hardcore, but it feels very unnecessary. The band already have quite a unique sound without the mix of hardcore. It detracts a little from the overall feel of the song and it feels it needs to be reigned in a little.

It does however feel more reigned in on All The Fists In The World Won’t Save You Now and the song flows much better. It’s less guttural hardcore growling and little bit more post-hardcore/screamo.

The band certainly have a unique sound, but it feels like the hardcore sometimes detracts from the overall song and could probably do with being toned down a little as the band have a truly strong sound without the extra heavy elements. The post-hardcore elements seem to work a bit better than the harder hitting hardcore itself, but the band are definitely heading in the right direction. One to certainly watch in the future.


The band are currently streaming their EP on Soundcloud. Check it out below:

Bentley Park: Facebook|Twitter

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