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Be My Skeleton

We like introducing you to new music here at Soundscape, so we caught up with Chris of Be My Skeleton to find out a little more about the band. Check it out below!

Could you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band?
I’m Chris and I play guitar and Sing in the band Be My Skeleton. We’re a post-hardcore band from Cardiff. The line up is made up of myself, Scott Daye on guitar, Tom Bladen on Guitar, James Loh on drums and Rob Pascoe on bass. We have been working together since about September time and have played a bunch of shows and released a video.

What have you got in store for 2014?
Well we are currently working on an EP release. We are hoping to have it out around summer time. We also have some shows coming up.

Where did the band’s name come from?
It actually came from a song lyric. The line was I pretend that I didn’t know about my skeleton and it was always a line that stood out for me. We had been having loads of issues deciding on names and Be My Skeleton was one that just sounded right.

How did the band form?
It was actually something Tom and me started working on a little while back. We had written a set of songs we really liked and wanted to get out there with. So after several line up changes we found James and Scott and started working. Rob is the newest member we actually had a different guy on bass duties for the first 6 months of the band.

Who would you say your biggest influence is?
We have a lot of different influences but I feel we all have similar interest in bands like Deftones, Refused, Periphery, My Chemical Romance and things like that. We never wanted to nail ourselves down with something too much so we can mess around with things a bit more.

You recently released a music video for your song Home Is – could you tell me a little bit about the song?
Well the idea for the lyrics came about from a comic book. I’m personally a big comic fan and I don’t like to write about typical stuff, things like getting dumped or whatever. I prefer to write about subjects I find interesting. Home Is morphed into more about standing up for something though. Not letting others dictate what you do and being yourself, which I hope kind of shows with what we do musically.

What went well about the video?
To be honest we didn’t have many major issues – everything ran pretty smoothly. The girls we had in the video were all awesome. They were there all day and half of that was just watching us jump around. On the negative side I did almost get smacked in the face with a baseball bat for real. The actual shot we used where one of the girls is swinging the bat at me I had to duck to the side to miss it.

If you could go back and change anything, would you?
Maybe I’d get hit for real just to add to the effect. I guess we could of added more work with the girls because they were all so good would of be great to see more of them beating us up.

If you could collaborate with any artist or band, who would you choose?
I’d love to work with Frank Iero. I love My Chemical Romance but for me Frank has always had a bigger love for heavier music. Leathermouth are an amazing band and his solo stuff is so different to that again. So it would be great to see what came out of it.

If you could choose any band to cover a song of yours, what would it be?
Probably someone that sounds completely different from us. Perhaps someone like Muse, I bet that would be really weird to hear.

And finally my last question – if Be My Skeleton could put their name to a product, what would you choose and why?
Never really thought about it if I’m honest. Can we say Hover boards? Only because they had that video hoax recently and who didn’t want one?

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