Behind The Scenes: A Mouth Full Of Matches On Smoke Signals

A Mouth Full Of Matches Smoke Signals

A Mouth Full Of Matches are getting ready to release their new EP Smoke Signals on September 8 and here, they guide you through the production of the EP, track by track…

When writing for our new record ‘Smoke Signals’ we wanted to create something that was big, passionate and powerful. We wanted to write a record that would be a journey not only for the listener but also for us in writing so many different ideas and creating something whole that conveys our personal musical passions. Working with Matt Hyde and Carl Johnston really helped in shaping the sound of the record, and pushed us each individually to try out new ideas that really helped give final shape to the sound we wanted.

Danger High
Lyrically this is about a person in life that gives you a rush, that feeling that makes you high on life, and the want to go and live it. Musically it doesn’t resemble anything like how it initially started. We wrote ideas, tried out riffs, but we went back-Originally the song had a faster tempo and different lyrics. We slowed it down and added a guitar melody which made is sound a bit more mysterious. So we started again and the song began to form itself, from the synthy intro to the full flowing final chorus. This song is great to play live as the sound fills out every space in the venue.

One By One
Audiowise, this is a track that is straight forward, loud, proud and with driving palm-muted verse riffs. This reflects the feeling of the lyrics about only being able to take so much, one by one at a time.

Young Blood
Young Blood is an upbeat track about passion, youthfulness and rebellion. We wanted a song that would convey that fun that was catchy had a ballsy spirit to it. This is great fun playing live and gets the atmosphere going! Lyrically it addresses the youthful side of ourselves, it contains personal intimate sections.

Wait For Me
This is a song about living in the past, being afraid to step into the future and as such being unable to achieve anything. Sometimes we all need that extra push to get us going. This was our most experimental track. This track has many different parts from a straight forward rhythmic verse, synth-led sections, a wonderfully flowy chorus that goes into 3/4 on every 4th bar to change up the beat that the listener expects and a sprinkle of heavy. We haven’t yet played this live but we are definitely looking forward to unleashing it on our tour!

A Mouth Full Of Matches release Smoke Signals on 08/09/14. Watch the video for first single Danger High below.

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