Behind The Scenes: Siberian Meat Grinder On The Artwork Of Metal Bear Stomp

Siberian Meat Grinder recently released their album Metal Bear Stomp. Featuring some very striking artwork, we were keen to learn more, so we got an insight into it from the frontman and founder, Vladimir Siberian!

I’d like to preface this answer by saying that we have always considered cover-art to be an essential part of any respectable Metal band. Growing up I spent a lot of time studying the intricate and beautiful cover art for albums by Megadeth, Judas Priest, Sodom – a lot of times that art told its own story and could immediately set the mood that defined your perception of the album at hand – Somewhere in Time by Iron Maiden being the most prominent example.

As such we have put a lot of thought into the art for every one of our EPs and Singles carefully picking talented artists with an understanding of our music.

For this one we set our aim on Sean Taggart from the very start – a legendary artist who has worked with cross-over and hardcore bands for decades – Sheer Terror, Crumbsuckers, Cro-Mags. Working with Sean has been my teenage dream all the way since I’ve seen the art on a tape for Cause for Alarm by Agnostic Front at my friend’s place. I always admired how he managed to merge the influences of classic American illustration – like the best from MAD Magazine or from artists like Vaughn Bode and the thematic needs of NYHC scene.

Doing this cover art with Sean has been really fun – I came up with the concept and drew a sketch that we sent to him alongside a short introduction of SMG. I hope I can attribute Sean’s decision to working with us to him digging our band (at least he said so). We’ve given him a free reign on the art after providing that sketch and a description – and following some back and forth the final result came out great!

What the art itself represents is up for the viewer and listener to decide. Everyone will see their own meaning in it, just like you would with covers for a lot of classic metal albums – it conveys the mood, the atmosphere, the concept – what you make of it, is up to you.

Today we are proud to say that this cover art by Mr Taggart is as much a part of our album as the music and lyrics – just as we planned for from the get go. Thanks Sean!

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