Beaten To Death – Unplugged Review

beaten to death unpluggedThe Norwegian scene is notorious for its exemplary use of blastbeats, and grindcore enthusiasts Beaten To Death take them to a drastic new level.  Their third album Unplugged is puncturing any genre preconceptions music researchers may have intensely, as banging along in measure to an extreme dose of consciousness come into new musical territories while retaining the identifiable sound of what can best be described as the blistering north wind.

Curvaceous riffs diverge and divulge the flow of rhythm like a heavy flood in summer ruminating off the nature of severity. The aplomb to direct new and interesting ways to integrate different styles of music is an acclamation to creation, where the typical melancholy familiarised by the techniques of the extreme metal scene take on a new sound, an acoustic more invigorating and emotional to receive.  Beaten To Death is getting it done right.

Given that the tones are strong and the changes are schwifty listening to Unplugged is like spinning Ed Geins record collection on a pin head.  Slapping taut compositions into the esoteric reality of the fourth dimension.  While with a vehement attitude the idea of no bullshit is represented maliciously and confidently like manifesting an impressive storm as an assertion of the sheer power of will.


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