Beasts – Tanz Der Teufel EP Review

I warn you what you are about to hear is very disturbing indeed, kicks off a vox sample on the start of ‘Rock N Rolled Over In It’s Grave’. Tanz Der Teuful, roughly translating to Dance with the Devil couldn’t describe any better what this EP reckons. In fact, they could be Cardiff’s reckoning.

In a recent interview drummer Matt said “We wanted it to sound as close to our live sound as possible. We also wanted it to sound raw and almost claustrophobic”, and it certainly does. It delivers what this town needs – a band to kick it in the ass, very hard.

Things get dirtier when ‘Cooking In Prison’ ruptures it’s way into your head with it’s simmering beats, unusual yet charming vocals and a chorus that flows unexpectedly. We’d caution this track with a ‘must head bang’ alert.

One could say Beasts are an acquired taste, that is if you like your rock true to its word, loud, simple and without its fancy fringes (substitute that for some manly beards) – then this is for you.

Tanz Der Teuful is short but sweet and best of all it’s free.
You can download the EP here  –



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