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Beartooth - DisgustingHaven’t heard their EP Sick before the release of debut Disgusting, it took me by surprise. It was refreshing to hear and it’s not very often an album comes along and becomes an instant favourite. Leaving aside that singer Caleb Shomo was formally in Attack Attack!, it’s a fresh start and one that’s carved a path for a better respectful future.

Disgusting is a rough and tumble of a ride through singer Caleb’s mind. At only 21 it’s an incredible journey, you can clearly see that he’s out to blow some steam off.

It’s hard to pick out songs when everyone feels like a hit. Each song is a powerful ride with a strong message and will leave you singing the words before it’s even over. Although some songs feel a bit overwhelming with the whole god/one life theme, it’s repetitive throughout and might be hard to absorb for some.

Disgusting hits that middle ground of hardcore with incredibly catchy choruses. Honestly, it’s annoying catchy. These boys have something to prove and if they keep it up we only expect great things.

Although not for everyone it’s an incredible debut, it’s pace, the way it flows and the handwork that’s been put in to get this far.

It’s emotional, creative and thrilling and this is only the start.


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