Beartooth – Tramshed 14/12/16

IMG_5485Christmas really has come early. Having just got over the bone crunching Every Time I Die two days ago many can be seen with their shirts here at Beartooth tonight and both bands having just come off a tour which each other in the states it’s a nice sense of community and friendship around the Tramshed tonight.

Trash Boat come out to a cheery crowd – they may have the energy, swinging in circles and look happy to be here but unfortunately they don’t quite have the edge to pull the entire crowd in. They feel like the oddballs of the tour but they do try their best to battle the odds.

Vanna gracefully take to the stage which comes covered in flowers to accompany their latest album release All Hell. Singer Davey creates a great rapport with the crowd from start to finish, it’s the start of a blossoming friendship and despite most of the venue seeing Vanna for the first time it feels like they’ve been around forever. The way they connect with new fans is faultless. As they make their way through the set Davey takes time to talk about serious issues which sits well with the Beartooth crowd. A slick set from the Boston lads.

In the last two years Beartooth have really shot out of nowhere. It’s hard to deny their fetching beats and it doesn’t take much to figure out why Beartooth has blown up in fame – their live shows, passion and the crowds enthusiasm from day one has been a cut above most recent rock bands.

Their set is a constant state of action, if the crowd isn’t pitting they’re crowd surfing and if they’re not singing their heads off they’re embracing each other. The thing with a band like Beartooth is they don’t need the extra frills, it’s just straight up rock ’n roll – and the fans appreciate it for the better.

Caleb practically commands the crowd, whether it’s seeing them take a knee or getting on each other’s shoulders. Everyone here, regardless of age, just wants to have some fun and simply appreciate Beartooth’s incredibly infectious tunes. I’d pick out stand out hits but if we’re being honest, they’re all hits.

As the venue takes to silence for the encore Caleb comes back on alone to play emotional album ender King Of Anything, a treat to hear live. Their performance as a band over the last few years has grown handsomely. They’re nothing short of tight and Caleb’s voice feels stronger than ever before. The level they perform at never ceases to amaze – this still feels like the beginning of great things for the band.


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