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beachheadsOn paper, Beachheads sounds like it could be a great band. Featuring members of Kvelertak and Overthrow, and having been in the works for several years before the release of their self-titled debut, I was expecting great things with this album…but unfortunately, it’s dull at best and uninspiring at worst.

Unfortunately, the album just doesn’t manage to grip you. The passion is there, there’s no doubting that, but it doesn’t quite translate into the music, which feels a little wishy-washy and dreary, like there’s no real momentum behind it. Additionally, there’s a lack of emotiveness for the most part, especially in the vocals, and it’s a shame because I know the individuals in the band are capable of better than this.

In short, the songs just aren’t memorable. They don’t get stuck in your head and worm their way into your brain so that you’ll find yourself humming along to them long after you’ve done listening, and they’re fairly similar to one another so it’s difficult to know where one ends and another starts if you aren’t paying attention. The sound isn’t dreadful, but the lack of variety is enough to get a little grating by the end.

All in all, a rather underwhelming debut – but perhaps they’ll hit the target with album number two.


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