Battleghost – Transient EP Review

Battleghost - Transient EPPop punk bands seem to all be cranking out the intro tracks at the moment and Battleghost are no exception to this rule. Their intro track is titled Mumbles and it leads straight into Stateless. This track conforms to pop punk in every sense of the genre. The style of lyrics, the guitar. The track is catchy and lively and it makes you think of summer and good times with good friends.

Stand out track on this EP is Contentions. It has a bouncy continuous guitar riff and the drums are exciting and lively for pop punk. It’s drawing from the elements of classic rock. Locust Grove dives right back into that classic pop punk sound and as ever it makes you want to bounce about in the sunshine. It also touches on elements of screamo, bringing in some very passionate screaming vocals towards the end of the track.

The EP ends with Cogbill which is as lively as the rest of this EP. It ends on an echoey note, as the vocals are the last thing to disappear after the rest of the instruments drop out one by one.

This is a short EP, especially considering one of the 5 tracks is an intro track but it is lively and a happy pick me up. Short and sweet as they say. Battleghost are perfect for summer.


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