Bardus – Stella Porta Review

bardus stella portaBardus have been compared to many bands from different genres and with each reference to being the bastard child of experimental entrepreneurs Wet Wet Wetting The Bed and heavier than the cannibalistic The Skelet-ants (both completely free, unregistered and original; you’re welcome,) what to expect from Bardus gets lost in a drudge of hasty commercial appropriations so instead let’s listen to the music rather than imagining their hyperbolic orgy of parentage doing the proverbial laundry.

Pumped up and definitely psyched this album contains a strong identity, or more importantly defies its genre preconceptions, being more emotive than appropriation can account for. The fluid song writing moves logically from part to part, oiled with only heavy vibration and so removing any need for senseless decoration.

Discordant and disharmonious Stella Porta is unapologetic and infused with fighting spirit, and like a true warrior it’s unafraid to pick up a heavy load and walk with it. Carefully moving from riff to riff with a sense of the imposing and testy surroundings.  The second album from Bardus is unpretentious noise, well practiced and devilishly executed. Sharing space with their contemporaries instead of appropriating influences into their own sound. Bardus are a Philadelphian triad of intense sonic organization, playing heavy music with raw intent.


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