Bad Pollyanna – The Broken Toys

bad pollyanna broken toysCome. Get yourself acquainted with Bad Pollyanna and their third album The Broken Toys. A delightfully visceral foray into the nether. A tale to take you through abandon and  warm the deepest recess of your fragmented heart. Although that’s not required, your attention definitely is.

Broken Toys opens with the hypnagogic Define Me. A song that’s both challenging and satisfying, stipulating the scene for the following tracks.  With its catchy chorus and heavy exposition it’s destined to prompt a Big Yellow Taxi moment in company. As such a strong introduction it’s hard not to compare every song on the album to it. However going deeper into the album the variety in the compositions are compelling enough not to loose the initial vibrancy expressed on the inspirational Define Me.

Furthering the overall flow of the album the rhythm is exceptional in creating a tight course that blends accurately to the bouncy melodies. That’s very important because it’s the melodies that carry the songs to distinction, the synergy between all the different parts of the band working in complimentary synchronicity makes for a moving, emotive and yet divisive harmony.  Playing true to the bands namesake.

The Broken Toys is a fantastic album that’s both catchy and tough with a somewhat fertile clout that can open up the silence in a desolated room. Bad Pollyanna are quickly approaching the status of unrivaled class act.


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